Life is too short to be stressed out and over-worked.


Lines are no fun. Implementations are daunting.

You can have so much more.






Delight Your Cardholders

Say goodbye to long, daunting lines by preparing ID cards prior to each semester.

Easily Approve Each Photo

Quickly approve or deny student submitted photos before downloading them into your existing ID card software to print.

Save Time and Money

Alleviate your registration team’s workload with a process that takes students seconds.


Finally, cardholders can skip the wait line and manage their photos remotely. Which gives you more time to spend on more important tasks.

It's a win - win situation you can't pass up.


No Long Lines
Forget long wait lines and bottlenecked card distribution. 

Satisfied Cardholders
No more photo retakes or embarrassing photos - cardholders can use their favorite photo.


Balanced Workload
Tick off tedious ID card tasks, allowing you to focus more on your students.

Streamline Your Workflow
You're busy enough as it is - let CloudCard take care of managing photo upload and card printing automation.


Quickly review hundreds of uploaded photos in minutes. 

Students upload their favorite photo

Students can take their own photo from the comfort of their home before the semester begins!

Approve or deny their photo

Are they wearing a hat? Or is their forehead cropped out? Quickly approve the photo, or select reasons why the photo is ineligible in seconds.

Sit back and relax

No need to follow up with the student - CloudCard will automatically send an email notifying them of their photo status and how they can fix ineligible photos. Once the photo is approved, it is easily imported into your existing campus card software.

CloudCard setup takes only a few hours.

Other solutions cost a fortune, take forever, and are a huge pain because they use obsolete, wasteful technology. CloudCard leverages modern, cloud technology that eliminates the wasted time and overhead costs of installing and maintaining separate servers for each institution.  Quite simply we can complete your installation in hours.  Compare that to the months it takes our competitors to do the same thing.  And we pass those savings on to you.



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Pricing Breakdown $40,000 - $80,000
assumes $50/hr labor
+ maintenance costs
+ headache!
$15,000 - $20,000
+ maintenance costs
+ upgrade costs
+ headache!
$25 to $790 / mo.
billed annually
+ nothing
Set-Up Time 4 - 8 months 3 - 6 months 1 - 2 DAYS!

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