CloudCard is on a mission to eliminate stress for you, and give your students an incredible experience. This is the conviction that drives everything we do. Check out the features that can help you and your students win.



World Class User Experience

Our user experience, from top bottom, is the best the industry has to offer. 

  • Streamlined Cardholder Process - There is no hassle in creating an account. You click a link (via website or email) and submit a photo. That's it. A few clicks and you are done.

  • Beautiful Admin Interface - No one wants to work within a program that is ugly. Our software is beautifully designed to make your job as easy and enjoyable as possible

  • Support - Our team makes sure that you are taken care of during the process of implementation. We configure the product for you, and are there to help when things get technical.



Helper Bot

This guy is one of our favorites. He is an artificial intelligence robot who is determined to make your job easier. 

  • He sends introduction and follow up emails

  • He auto crops submitted photos to your specific aspect ratio

  • He color codes submitted photos to let you know if they should be approved or denied.

  • He can automatically approve and deny photos if you let him.

  • He has no ceiling. He is continually improving.

 Download the Helper Bot PDF


SMS Explainer.gif

SMS Messaging

Students are connecting with the world through their smartphones. Why should it be any different when they interact with your card office?

Now you can send out a photo invite through a SMS message to your students. All they have to do is send back a picture of themselves and voila! The student has submitted their photo, and Helper Bot is already processing the submission. The only thing left to do is print their card. 

With this "coming soon" feature, you can be relevant with your millennial cardholders, and provide an amazing ID experience. Sign up for the waitlist below. 



Full Rest API

No matter your card production system, our full rest API makes almost any integration possible. Customization is key to a great experience.

We have already integrated with a lot of the popular card production software systems, meaning the hard work might be done for you. Click below to see a list of integration options.