3 Ways to Import CloudCard Photos into Your Campus Card Software

Option 1: Direct Integration

Depending on your campus card vendor, CloudCard can save photos directly to your existing software. For example, installing our FREE CloudCard Image Server allows CloudCard to save photos directly into Blackboard Transact.

When are you going to support direct integration into [insert vendor name here]?

We're dedicated to meeting the needs of our customers.  Our existing customers asked for Blackboard Transact integration, and we delivered.  Use the comment box below or contact us directly if you're interested in direct integration into other vendor software.

Option 2: REST API

CloudCard also has a fully RESTful API that allows you to integrate with any software.  For example, one school has already setup their own integration into CBORD.  If your IT department is too busy, CloudCard team members are available to help with or even write custom integrations.

Option 3: Keep It Simple

If your volume is low, you may consider keeping things simple at first.  Photos can be downloaded directly to your computer, and you can simply upload them into your campus card software when you're ready to print the photo.  This is actually a great solution because it allows you to avoid the complexity of an integration project, while you define your business process for online photo submission.  Once you have the process worked out, you can automate the integrations to speed things up.