CloudCard Integrates with CBORD CS Gold

CS Gold & Online Photo Submission Integration

CloudCard Online Photo Submission now integrates with CBORD CS Gold. Integrations can be quite vast in their meaning so it’s important to define the what is meant by the word “integration.” In this case, integration means that the process of getting photos from CloudCard to CS Gold is completely automated.  

CS Gold Import Export Utility

The set up is really quite simple and stress free. The first step requires some minimal participation from CBORD or your in-house CS Gold admin. They will need to set up a shared folder on the CS Gold server for your campus.  Then, they just need to schedule a simple .cmd script to run the Import Export Utility (ImageImportExport.exe) every few minutes. This is a pretty simple setup for your CBORD administrator, but CBORD can also set this up as part of their professional services. Just tell CBORD that you need to import photos automatically from a shared folder and they will be able to configure your CBORD system with this functionality.

CloudCard Photo Downloader

The next step is to install our open source CloudCard Photo Downloader. The setup for this project is relatively easy as well, and there’s even a video to walk you through it. You can find the Github project here. Depending on which CloudCard plan you choose, we can fully install and support the downloader or your IT team can install it themselves. Once installed and configured, the CloudCard Photo Downloader will automatically download photos to the shared folder on the CBORD server.

What Will The Integration Look Like?

When a card office employee clicks “download photos” in CloudCard, those photos are marked as “ready for download.” The CloudCard Photo Downloader then sees those photos and downloads them to the shared folder. The CS Gold Import Export Utility will then import them into CS Gold. The photo downloader can also be configured to to send photos to the shared CBORD folder as soon as a photo is approved, which eliminates the need to click “download photos.”