The 3 Enemies of Your Card Office

Who are they and how do you defeat them? A little insight from a millennial

Photo by  Austin Chan  on  Unsplash

Photo by Austin Chan on Unsplash

Times Are Changing

Have you ever tried to talk to someone that was completely wrapped up in their phone? We’ve all had one of those “conversations.” The emergence of smartphones has completely transformed the way people interact with each other and their environment. We have learned to filter life through a device. No one is more soaked in this colossal wave of change than millennials. This is not a bash millennials article. I happen to be one myself, recently graduated from college. I’m merely pointing out that the tides are turning. The world has shifted.

Adapted from  Know Your Meme

Adapted from Know Your Meme

Control is paramount

For the current generation of students, control is paramount. Like a trusted professor, this powerful device has taught us that we can manage everything in our lives from the palm of our hand. Products ordered, texts tailored, and selfies curated without having to leave the sofa. We control our lives and image with a few taps of our thumbs. It’s not an option anymore.  It’s the new normal for us.  


Efficiency is king

Efficiency is king to millennials. We wield our magical metal rectangle like a productivity scepter to help us minimize effort and maximize results. Expelling excess energy contradicts our ethos. We don't even want to wait for “fast” food.  Why stand in an endless line when I can order a burrito on my phone, bypass the hungry zombies, and leave with a delicious pouch of goodness in no time? It just seems illogical to do anything else.


If this is how we operate (and it is), what is standing in the way of your card office connecting with our high control, high efficiency generation? I see three major obstacles preventing us from having an exceptional experience.


Enemy #1 - Your Camera… It makes us nervous

On average, Millennial’s spend an hour each week taking selfies. It’s so popular entire products - like the “Selfie Stick” - have emerged because of it. This trending activity gives us control over how we present ourselves. By threatening our carefully crafted social image, other people’s cameras often frighten us.  All control is lost when someone else snaps a photo of me.  I can’t delete it or make necessary edits.


Furthermore, the picture I take at your card office is forever. That’s a lot of pressure, especially when I have so many other things on my mind the first week of school. I just don't see  the point of using the school’s camera if I have one in my pocket. I’d much rather snap a selfie from my living room than walk all the way to  the card office on a hot summer day to get my picture taken by strangers.


Enemy #2 - Talking… I’d rather just text you?

A 2017 study found that 75% of millennials would rather text than talk to an individual in person. In a face to face interaction control is limited. Texting facilitates conversation in a safe and regulated way. We would much rather communicate from our smartphone than in person. It’s not a personal attack on you. Rather, millennials have different ideals than previous generations.


Enemy #3 - Long Lines… Lost time

“I can’t wait to stand in this line for an hour!” – said no one ever. My grandpappy didn’t like lines, my dad didn’t like lines, and I certainly don’t like lines. No matter the age, standing in line is not on the top of the “Things to do in 2018” list. College students especially despise this. We place an extremely high value on efficiency. Watching someone take one individual picture after another while everyone in line has a camera in their pocket is enough to drive us bonkers. There has to be a better way - for us and for you.


In this epic battle for a great  student experience, these three adversaries stand in our way. If we could change it we would, but we need your help.


A New Picture

Photo by  rawpixel.com  on  Unsplash

Photo by rawpixel.com on Unsplash

The ability for us to upload a photo for our campus ID is at the tip of our fingers. Each one of us carries a camera in our pocket every single day.  Unnecessary friction could essentially be eliminated if we were able to submit a photo from our device; allowing us to operate efficiently, avoid talking, and maintain control of our image.


This isn’t just about millennials. Just think what it would mean for your card office if we could receive our ID’s at or even before orientation (see, we can think about other people sometimes).  Instead of long lines of irritated freshman, hundreds of smiling students would be cheering your name as we carry you off into the Card Office Hall of Fame (if that’s not a thing it should be). Okay, that’s probably a little far-fetched.  However, an app like that would make our first experience with the card office so much more positive.


But how?


Every hero has a secret weapon to defeat their foes and win the day. Dorothy had her ruby slippers, Pan had Tinkerbell’s pixie dust, and Luke had a lightsaber. Is there an instrument out there that could defeat our enemies - saving us from talking, rescuing us from long lines, and giving us control of our ID photo? What if you were able to empower us with a specialized weapon to crush these menacing foes?


Selfies Aren’t Only For Sundays  

Online Photo Submission by CloudCard might just do the trick. This web application allows students to upload photos to the campus card office from the comfort of our own phones. The enemies of students (and card offices) can be vanquished. Students get to take selfies and keep control (things we love); while bypassing lines, and avoiding awkward conversations (things we hate).  You become the hero instead of the person behind the camera that makes us nervous.


CloudCard even provides a free student worker to assist you in the photo approval and denial process. “Helper Bot” works 24/7, never takes a break, and never asks for a raise, letting other workers focus on more important tasks. With this new product, DMV like experiences are completely avoided. Most importantly, your students feel understood and empowered.


The New Normal

Scores of colleges and universities representing millions of students have already started using online photo submission.  This isn’t an optional feature anymore.  Students expect it.  How do you get started?  There are several options.  You could sign up for free online photo submission.  You could check out an article about buying vs building online photo submission.  Or you could talk with a trusted vendor like Vision Database Systems or ColorID.