How CloudCard Photo Upload Works

Say goodbye to the long lines of students this August.  Instead, students can snap a selfie and even sign their cardholder agreement on their phone, tablet, or computer.  Best of all, there's no app for the student to download and no password for them to forget.  We email the cardholder a hyper-secure, single-use login link that allows them to upload their photo without the annoyance of setting up yet another password.  Once they have uploaded their photo, it's a snap for you to import it into your existing campus card software.

The Process

  1. Your card office director logs into CloudCard and uploads a CSV file containing hundreds or even thousands of emails of addresses and student ID numbers.  (Time required: less than 1 sec per student)
  2. CloudCard automatically sends an email to each student directly from your card office email address. (Time required: 0 seconds)
  3. Students receive CloudCard's email which contains a unique, secure link that they use to access CloudCard Photo Upload. (Time required: 15 seconds) 
  4. Students agree to your Cardholder Agreement / Terms and Conditions (Time required: 30 seconds)
  5. Students upload picture or snap a selfie. (Time required: 45 seconds)
  6. Back in the card office, the front desk worker examines the incoming pictures and approves them with a single click. (Time required: 30 seconds)
  7. After approving one or several photos, one more click is all it takes to download all the photos. (Time required: 10 seconds)

Total time required per photo: about 2 minutes (staff: 30 seconds, cardholder: 90 seconds)