Free Student Worker

Netflix uses artificial intelligence to determine what movies you'll like.  Amazon uses A.I. to predict what you'll buy.  Now, CloudCard uses artificial intelligence to determine if a photo is approvable as an ID photo.

CloudCard's new "Helper Bot" is a complex algorithm known as a neural network, which scans photos as they are uploaded and color codes them to let you know if they should be approved or denied.  Or you can tell Helper Bot to just approve and deny the photos for you, so you can stop staring at photos and instead focus on the hard work of running your card office.  Helper Bot will evaluate, approve, deny, and email students without you lifting a finger.  If it's not sure about a photo it will leave it for you; and through a process called Machine Learning, Helper Bot will continue to get better and better as it processes more photos.

It's like hiring student-worker for free. -- Well, it's like hiring a student worker that works 24 hours per day seven days per week without taking breaks or complaining.

Helper Bot is free for all CloudCard customers and is available now.  If you'd like a demo, talk to one of our approved resellers like Vision Database Systems, ColorID, and Blackboard Transact or contact us at info@cloudcardtools.com.

Here's a quick video announcement.